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We rear our livestock the traditional way

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Here at Hilltop Farm, we rear our livestock the traditional way, acting as a key part of the ecosystem and helping to protect the natural environment that is so important to us.

We champion sustainable farming in Warwickshire, grazing our cattle on ancient pastures alongside the River Leam. These pastures have been here for centuries – and that’s what makes them a really important part of the ecosystem.

Grazing helps maintain the environment – our cows eat the grass and in turn their manure helps fertilise the soil. Grass, also known as permanent pasture, is a really effective carbon sink, so it helps take carbon out of the environment.

Over winter, we feed our cattle silage and haylage – made from the grass – and supplement their feed with oats, barley and beans grown on our own farm, so we have complete control over their diet and it is all grown locally.

This is the traditional farming system, a system that hasn’t changed for centuries.

We are a fourth- generation family farm here at Hilltop Farm, and the system we use now was used by our great grandparents. We farm naturally, allowing our grass-grazing cattle to actually protect our environment.

Grazing helps the planet via the carbon cycle with photosynthesis removing carbon dioxide from the air and turning it into edible plant tissue. When grazed, that grass supports the micro fauna and flora and biodiversity both in and on the soil.

This is a hugely important message for us to get across at a time when the damaging impact of unsustainable beef production is (quite rightly) under the spotlight.

Recent documentaries, such as that aired by the BBC, are not representative of the UK farming industry, and are a stark contrast to our traditional sustainable farming methods.

The BBC documentary focused on intensive, indoor-reared, grain-fed cattle farming in the US. British beef production produces 2.5 times less greenhouse gas than intensive American production.

It couldn’t be further from the UK truth – and is yet another reason to buy the best of British.

Our butchery is an integral part of our business and is open 7 days a week.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please drop us an email or even better, just come in for a chat.