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Traditionally reared to the highest standards

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We take great pride in selling our own beef and lamb, reared traditionally and to the very highest standards.

Outdoor-bred and fed, our approach ensures our animals are healthy and happy and the meat is of the finest quality. And you can taste it. Chicken and pork is sourced from other local farms, some within the wider Ellis family and all with the same exceptionally high standards and husbandry as our own. All meats are farm assured and have full traceability.

Hereford x Aberdeen Angus


We rear old traditional English and Scottish breeds the old traditional way, slow maturing on permanent pastures mostly here in the Leam Valley. It’s a method that ensures both exceptionally high welfare and exceptionally great taste. Our happy cows enjoy home-grown produce, consisting of barley, oats, wheat and peas or beans for protein, with some chopped straw too.

We farm an extensive farming system, meaning our cows are outside for as much of the year as possible, only coming inside during winter so we can protect them from the cold and wet. Hilltop beef is always matured for 28 days to make it as succulent, tender and as full of flavour as possible.

Free-range and outdoor-reared


Our flock consists of around 250 ewes. All our lambs are free-range and outdoor-reared on the river meadows and fields here at Hilltop Farm. During the winter we feed them on home-grown grain and turnips to supplement their diet. Only organic fly repellent and wormers are used – and we do not dip our sheep. Our lamb continues to be as popular today as it ever was – tender, juicy and ethically reared.

Gloucester Old Spot x Northamptonshire


Our pork and bacon are Gloucester Old Spot x Northamptonshire and sourced from a family farm near Hinckley. We stock a range of handmade sausages, using meat only from the shoulder of the pig to ensure it’s the very best quality. From the traditional to the flavoured. Our bacon is dry cured using traditional methods with no water added, giving you that old -fashioned, and amazing flavour. Some of our bacon is smoked over hickory and oak chips, giving that perfect smoky tang.

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