Pheasant Bentley

As winter creeps in, we have some fantastic game which is in season at this time of year, locally sourced, super tasty and great value for money too. This recipe is an old recipe that is a great winter warmer, delicious and super easy to make.

Serves 8
3 Pheasants
100g Butter
2 large Onions
1 clove Garlic
340g Streaky Bacon
255g Breadcrumbs
60g Flour
1 Egg (beaten)
2 Generous Tablespoons of Cream

1. Place the pheasants, breast down in a big pan and cover with water and add 50g of butter and ½ onion and the clove of garlic. Bring to the boil and then place in the oven to simmer at 150°C. until cooked and the meat falls off the bone (about 1.5 hrs).
2. Chop bacon finely and fry in a little butter until crisp – add breadcrumbs and stir until brown (add more butter if necessary). Leave aside.
3. Take pheasants out of liquid and roughly shred pheasant from the bone. Place all the meat in a large, flat dish.
4. Chop the rest of the onions, cook in the rest of the butter then stir in the flour to make a roux. Measure 2 pints of the pheasant stock and strain. Stir stock slowly in, to make a smooth sauce.
5. Poor sauce over pheasant in flat dish (its better to be generous with the sauce to prevent it from becoming dry) and spread breadcrumbs and bacon over the top at the last minute and reheat in oven until piping hot.

Recipe Credit: The Game Conservancy Cook Book